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Our know-how stems from twenty years of experience dedicated to the elaboration of techniques which exactly reproduce the phenomenon of mycorrhization.

Every plant born in our nurseries comes from rigorously selected acorns. The particularity of our region offers a range of acorns from diverse origins with a same essence (altitude - region…).

The truffle plants offered for sale undergo numerous internal checks:

► Seed selection: harvesting, sorting, disinfection, stratification in a controlled atmosphere, germination.

► Seedling sorting: uniform size, collar diameter, absence of contamination.

► Selection of truffles: size, origin, visual and microscopic control of varietal quality.

► Development of the inoculum in the laboratory with choice of reproductive elements (mating type). > SEE THE PAGE

► Inoculation of truffle plants: choice of substrate, sterility of the substrate and the process, development of the plants.

► Monitoring: phytosanitary, hygrometry, temperatures.

► Control: monitoring of mycorrhizal batches.

► Sorting: uniform quality of batches, assessment of the mycorrhizal potential of the plants.

► Final control by the CTIFL. > SEE THE PAGE

It is thanks to this selection work in the nursery and in the laboratory, as well as experiments in the field, that we manage to make a truffle plant a productive plant.

The plants are grown in Melfert plugs and in Godets Antichignon (a French patented system). The advantage of these methods is being able to keep the root and rootlet systems intact during the planting (this way plants do not experience any stress, so recovery and growth will be favored the following year). When the plants reach a certain maturity (between 1 and 2 years), they are ready to leave our nurseries.

The plants are controlled and certified by the CTIFL, thus ensuring a high level of mycorrhization exclusively due to tuber melanosporum or uncinatum (a plant can be qualified as a "truffle plant" or a "mycorrhizal plant" by the truffle, only if there is had this independent control by the CTIFL or the INRA).

Currently, there are a lot of plants on the market that have not been tested. We cannot therefore guarantee, in this case, mycorrhization by the truffle. A truffle plantation is a long-term investment.

Demand a certified, labeled and numbered truffle plant!

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