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Soil constitution will naturally influence on the tree placement and density in the plantation.

When the land is rich, the recommended plantation density oscillates between 300 and 350 plants per hectare. On the contrary, in a less fertile soil, the density can be intensified until 350 to 450 plants per hectare.

Each terrain is different and has its own peculiarities, which it is essential to know. It is important to observe the changes in the landscape with the seasons, to determine the exposure of the land, and to list the fauna and flora that develop there.

In practice, North-South planting orientations are the most common and preferable. However, any planting should be done in harmony with the surrounding nature. An absolute rule must be observed: it is the planting that adapts to the natural context, and not the opposite. It is very difficult to want to tame the elements, which is why the plantation will have to integrate perfectly into the natural configuration of the land. Planting land must benefit from generous and constant sunshine which is favorable and essential for the cultivation of truffles.

Density calculation table planting truffle plants

4m625 pieds/ha500 pieds/ha417 pieds/ha
5m500 pieds/ha400 pieds/ha333 pieds/ha
6m416 pieds/ha333 pieds/ha277 pieds/ha
7m357 pieds/ha285 pieds/ha238 pieds/ha

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