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Pépinières TENOUX
Notre exploitation
Nos pépinières sont spécialisées dans le plant truffier sous mycorhization Tuber Mélanosporum, Uncinatum / Aestivum contrôlées CTIFL depuis 1993​.
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Pépinières TENOUX
Vente de plants truffiers
mycorhizés et certifiés CTIFL
Nous vous proposons à la vente des plants truffiers mycorhizés et certifiés par le CTIFL. Vous trouverez également toutes les protections nécessaires pour votre futur truffière ainsi que nos produits de réensemencement truffier et des outils spécialisés pour le travail de vos sols
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The nurserie

In the early 1900’s the truffle production was around 1000 tons/year, and until ten years ago it had dropped to 25 to 30 tons due to the disappearance of what are called “natural” truffle orchards. Today, the truffle production managed to stabilize and even increase itself thanks to the advent of the mycorrhized truffle plant (90% of the harvested truffles comes from certified truffle oak plantations).

We accompany you on all the choices to carry out your plantation:

Our mastery of mycorrhization techniques, combined with very good growing conditions (above ground, sterile environment and free from contamination by other fungi), considerably improves the productivity and profitability of truffle plantations.

Thanks to new production techniques, we are able to offer you the latest generation truffle plants, thus guaranteeing the future of your plantations.
With the rigor of the controls of the CTIFL truffle plants, the controls carried out in-house and our experience in the field, you have all the tools to succeed in your truffle plantation.




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