Pépinières Tenoux

              Specialized in the Production of Truffle

             Plants Mycorrhized with Black Truffle

Our nurseries are specialized in truffle oak plants and truffle essences, whose mycorrhization is generally certified by CTFIL (Interprofessional technical center for fruits and vegetables) since 1993.

In the early 1900’s the truffle production was around 1000 tons/year, and until ten years ago it had dropped to 25 to 30 tons due to the disappearance of what are called “natural” truffle orchards.

Today, the truffle production managed to stabilize and even increase itself thanks to the advent of the mycorrhized truffle plant (90% of the harvested truffles comes from certified truffle oak plantations).

Indeed, thanks to new production technologies, we are able to offer you truffle plants of the latest generations which will best ensure the future of your planting.



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